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In-Studio offerings at our studio at 200 Main Street, Falmouth, MA.

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We offer a wide variety of wellness services at our studio, in-home, and through video calls!

Body Measurements


Find out what your body actually needs most before you begin working with us!


Thai Yoga Massage

Lazy man's yoga! Lie back and get stretched while you are massaged in every position.


Posture Correction

Poor posture causes a wide variety of pain and tension in the body but is fairly simple to fix.

Image by Brooke Lark

Holistic Health

Tired of feeling burned out and stressed? Time to look at your lifestyle and how you can make small changes to feel your best.

Yoga at Home


Private guided meditation and relaxation sessions based on your needs.

I'm slightly obsessed with posture and t

Assisted Stretching

Focused assisted stretching using PNF techniques for quicker results in flexibility.

Image by Cyril Saulnier

Personal Training

Most people could use a bit of direction, motivation, and accountability in the gym!


Aromatherapy & Reflexology

Use these complementary therapies to improve your health in a variety of ways!

Iyengar Yoga

Private Yoga

Yoga customized to YOUR body and mind.

Child Physiotherapy

Tune Up Time

Do you have a nagging ache or pain? Come in for a tune up and we will fix you up!

Cooking Eggs


A variety of nutrition services from field trips to the grocery store to cooking lessons.


Coaching and mentorship for fitness professionals, yoga instructors, and massage therapists.