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Weekly Class Schedule

All of my classes are taught on Zoom and overall I am really happy with their service. The one little issue I haven't enjoyed is the sound quality of music through Zoom, so I have set up Spotify playlists to go along with my classes. The link is always included in the email you will get with the class login details once you sign up. Please feel free to play any music you enjoy. I actually really like this aspect of online classes. You can choose the music that really resonates with you!


The one aspect I don't enjoy with online classes is that it is not quite as social! For this reason, I open all my Zoom Rooms 10 minutes early so we can say hi and have a little community and connection before we get to "work". Then we have our online Facebook group to connect, chat, and build our community further. Don't forget about our Tea Time Q&A at 8:30am every Saturday morning in the group. It's a good way to get your questions answered, connect and share helpful tips from within the community. I hope to see you soon!

Child's Pose

Restorative Yoga

Sundays 4-5pm EST

This is a gentle class suitable for just about anyone. Class is done lying down and holding different stretches for 3-5 minutes. We end with a 10-minute guided relaxation that will help you unwind from the weekend and truly relax and restore.

Warrior One

Power Nap

Tuesdays 7-7:30am EST

This class is a bit more intense but I do provide modifications. We use moves from both Pilates and Yoga to help strengthen our entire body and then end with a 10-minute guided relaxation. It's the perfect combo of sweat and self care.


Repair & Recover

Thursdays 7-7:30am EST

I tailor this class to those who sign up. Let me know your aches and pains and we will address them during class with foam rolling, tennis balls, self massage techniques and stretching. Come in stressed and tight, leave feeling loose and right!

Test out a recording of Repair & Recover!

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