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"Life Altering!"

I am a former college athlete that has had the usual challenges with weight gain since the end of my playing days. My belief that I could always “work it off” and poor nutrition habits have lead to frustration with my health and wellness.

I was fortunate to meet Hilery Hutchinson two years ago. Training with Hilery has been and continues to be a transformative and life altering experience. Hilery trains and counsels me in the following areas:

Nutrition Counseling
Personal Training
Thai Massage
Active Flexibility Training
Supplement Counseling

Hilery is extraordinary not only because of her health and wellness knowledge, and experience but who she is as human being. Hilery has many amazing qualities however the two that make her a premier teacher and practitioner are her listening and communication skills. She has heard and understands my health and wellness challenges. Hilery does not judge or criticize, she uses her interactions with me as constant teachable moments. She is a thoughtful, caring and supportive professional. Hilery’s work with me has been successful because of her meticulous attention to detail in creating sessions that are unique to my temperament and lifestyle.

Hilery’s methodology involves an approach to lifestyle adjustments that are realistic and sustainable. She believes health and wellness is a journey, not a destination. Hilery is truly invested in my success and well being. This has motivated me to work diligently to make the changes that are the best for my future wellness. I’ve had some setbacks in my journey, however this is where Hilery is brilliant. Her ability to thoroughly analyze the situation and provide constructive solutions is a true skill. Hilery knows how to motivate and encourage me to stay positive despite what happens. This is a phenomenal talent and a testament to who she is as a person.

Hilery continues to be a blessing in my life and I consider it a privilege to work with her. I very much enjoy working with her and look forward to her continued guidance in my health and wellness journey. Thank you Hilery!!!
Marcus DeFlorimonte

"Truly Life Changing!"

Hilery genuinely wants to help people better their lives through her work. For someone like myself, who is admittedly impatient, I appreciate the fact that each session is based on my specific needs and many of the benefits are immediate. For example, I struggle with chronic back pain and although I've always enjoyed traditional deep tissue massage, I've noticed that the pain typically begins to come back within a day or two. In my experience, with Hilery's technique, the pain isn't even recognizable for well over a week. Recently, she's begun incorporating energy work and acupressure into our massage sessions. Although I was initially skeptical, I was amazed when I completely fell asleep at the end of a massage, as she gently applied pressure to my feet. I have been suffering with insomnia for years, and honestly can't remember the last time I fell asleep without a sleep aid. These are just a couple of the astonishing results I have experienced as a result of Thai Massage. As someone who was previously quite pessimistic about alternative treatments and overwhelmed by the idea of 'healthy living,' the benefits of the working with Hilery have truly been life changing.

Veronica Gorlovsky

"So blessed!"

With fear and serious reluctance, I walked into the gym. I know I needed to address my health, but I was in a daze. I met Hilery, she was extremely encouraging. She works with you within your ability. Hilery is an excellent teacher, her concern is about you the client. So blessed to have met her.

Lita Chambers

"She is the best!"

Hilery is an amazing teacher. She is great to work with, she understands that every body is different and knows exactly how to adjust a workout to fit your personal needs and goals. I love working with her because she always pushes me to do my best and because of that I feel great. She is the best fitness instructor I have ever worked with.

Beth McGurr


You have truly made a difference!

I am a 69 year old mother, grandmothers, and great-grandmother, and I stay very busy. We own a home and AirBnB in Maine, so I have been spending weeks doing landscaping and gardening. Unfortunately because of all the hard work, I have been in constant pain for a very long time to the point that just doing some simple stretching exercises has been extremely painful.

Fortunately Radha and I had a long conversation and she designed an exercise program that is perfect for my needs. Radha actually listens, and due to her vast knowledge and compassion, I now have a 5-day plan that I can do when it is convenient for me. Yoga was very painful for me so Radha now has me doing a chair yoga routine three times a week and an overall stretching and strengthening routine twice a week. I am actually looking forward to the workouts everyday and make it a priority, which I have never done in the past. Int makes sucha difference to have a routine designed just for me.

I am getting stronger and more flexible with each workout and it doesn't hurt to stretch anymore. Radha will modify my program as needed which is wonderful. I know it will always be challenging, effective, and fun. I love how she explains each exercise and makes sure that I have good form. The gentle reminders are very helpful and keep me in proper alignment. Thank you Radha! You have truly made a difference in my everyday life.

Nancy Hammond

I am forever grateful and appreciative for your guidance...
Working with you had a direct affect on my happiness today. Apparently The skylight on my roof had opened a crack and it resulted in some water damage. What brought me joy was the ease that I climbed into the attic to fix the skylight! The stairs on the attic are steep and stepping onto the floor of the attic takes some flexibilty. Thanks to you I was able to do it easily and gracefully. I didn't have to get on my knees or do anything funky. I am forever grateful and appreciative for your guidance and investment in my health. The flexibility and mobility work really makes a difference. Thanks for pushing me to do the work in those areas. You're the best!


I couldn't get out of my own way...

"I feel more flexible and stronger and I have noticed I can catch myself better so my balance has improved too. Above all, I feel better in my mind. I have more clarity and I am less erratic emotionally.  A few months ago I couldn't get out of my own way but now I have mental clarity that is helping me be more aware. I am much more present with people so I can also see the ripple effect it is having in my life. I feel like I have just begun. I am psyched to learn more in the group in 2022!" 

I feel different in every way. 

"Joining Hilery’s 12-week program, The Wellness Club, was the best thing I have ever done for “me”. I don’t normally invest money into self-care, which I discovered thru this program, should be everyone’s top priority. This program involves some serious soul searching and healing old wounds. I discovered that I have been playing the victim my whole life, but have learned to turn the victim mentality into empowerment. It is so easy to blame other people for our shortcomings. Learning to truly forgive the people who have caused the trauma and, if necessary, “cutting the cord” on toxic people in my life has given me true peace. I can’t say enough great things about this program. It has literally changed my life and how I see this world in a much more positive way.

I definitely feel more flexible and stronger too. I feel different in every way. I feel better physically and doing the cord-cutting and journaling has made all the difference. I feel 100% better and very content.

Last but not least, it has been my pleasure to meet and get to know the other ladies in this group. I love hearing their stories and knowing that we aren’t alone in our journey." 

I rediscovered a side of myself I thought I had lost.

"I am just part way along my journey but I am super grateful to have this experience with Hilery and the value of doing it as a group program. It has helped to put me in touch with a part of myself that I had lost. I am revisiting my spiritual side and getting back into physical activity again which has been great."

Living with integrity and appreciation.

"I am actually doing really well. I have gained a lot of self-awareness and appreciation for things that I have and didn't appreciate in the past. I am managing my time better and it has helped me execute better boundaries at work and in my personal life. I am more aware of what conversations are actually worthwhile and what to walk away from. I have more clarity to pick and choose my battles and catch myself when I feel emotionally triggered. I have learned to embrace my "overthinking" and know that I can appreciate my thoughtfulness. I now can trust my instincts better and trust my gut more. My thoughts and actions are in better alignment and I feel more integrity throughout my life."

I don't have to go to physical therapy anymore!

“Since Hilery gave me a Thai Yoga Massage, I haven’t had to go to physical therapy for pain and stiffness in my shoulder and hip. I was going to physical therapy twice a week, plus performing exercises twice a day at home. The Thai Yoga Massage was a very pleasant experience and had long term benefits. I no longer have any pain in my shoulder and I have much more flexibility in my hip. I believe Hilery massaged and stretched every muscle in my body from head to toe! I was very relaxed afterwards, yet I had a lot of energy and felt great. Hilery has such a calm and sweet demeanor; she immediately puts you at ease. The next time I am in Boston, I will definitely book another massage.

Nancy Hammond

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