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In-Studio offerings at our studio at 200 Main Street, Falmouth, MA.

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Retreat Planning & Facilitation

We can easily help facilitate your next family or corporate retreat! This is a list of some of the popular options clients have chosen from in the past. We are happy to help create a customized retreat experience for you. Once we have details on the amount of people, purpose, and theme of the retreat, we will be able to make suggestions on what will work best!

Dates are limited, please give us as much advanced notice as possible.

Group Fitness Classes

We have a wide variety of fitness classes that require minimal equipment and we can bring all the gear necessary. Some common requests are:

Repair & Recover: A class to teach you about foam rolling and stretching to keep your body functioning at it's best and address your aches and pains.

Yoga: Each crowd is different so it may be a power yoga class or a gentle, restorative class. Guided meditations and guided relaxations can be added to the classes too.

Boot Camp: If your retreat is spanning a few days you may want to split each class into a different focus such as Lower Body, Upper Body, Core, Cardio or you could just do a total body boot camp. This is completely tailored to the fitness condition of the participants.

Private Sessions

There are a wide variety of private sessions that can be offered while people are enjoying rest & relaxation by the pool or taking part in other activities. We can bring multiple practitioners for larger events.

Thai Tune Up - 30-minute sessions assisted stretching and massage to focus on a specific ache or pain.

Reflexology & Cupping - 45 minute sessions to focus on foot massage and reflexology. Addition add on to use cupping and Gua Sha to bring blood flow and circulation to stagnant areas.

Thai Yoga Massage - 60 minute total body session, also nicknamed Lazy Man's Yoga! Lie back, relax, and get stretched and massaged.

Personal Training - If not everyone is into fitness, you may not have group classes but certain people would still love to get a workout in with a professional to guide them!

Assessment - We have a very thorough assessment process with in-depth posture analysis, flexibility assessment, movement screen, and fitness tests. The information provided by this session will help guide people in the right direction in their fitness and wellness journey.


There are a wide variety of fitness, wellness, Ayurveda, nutrition, and posture workshops that we can offer. Workshops generally run 1-3 hours. Our three most popular are below:

Natural Living - Our skin is our largest organ yet we slather it in chemicals on a daily basis in addition to eating them too! Times have changed and our health is at risk. This will educate you on the natural alternatives to build a chemical free lifestyle through the use of natural remedies and essential oils.

Partner Stretching - What better way to build camaraderie then learn how to stretch each other out?! These workshops are always fun and you will learn how to help each other with your aches, pains, and tight spots!

Raw Food - What's all the buzz about? What are the benefits of eating more raw foods? What is the difference between juicing and smoothies? How do you make vegan nut milks and cheeses? This is an interactive workshop that should take place in or nearby the kitchen with lots of tasting and snacks involved!