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How To Receive A Massage

The quality of your massage may depend on the quality of your therapist but there are many ways you can enhance your experience.

Communication is the key to getting the massage you want. Before you begin a session you should discuss the type of pressure you like, any areas you do not enjoy being touched, and what you would like to focus on. During your massage, let your therapist know if you are feeling any discomfort or immense pleasure! It helps the therapist regulate the pressure in tender spots and spend a little extra time in the pleasurable spots.

If you are seeing the same massage therapist regularly, it is important to let them know any new health problems that arise. If you have a cold or flu, make sure you give your therapist a phone call. Other reasons to call in advance are if you have any other contagious conditions such as athlete's foot, poison oak, or poison ivy.

If you have time, take a hot shower or steam before your massage to help warm up the muscles, increase your circulation, and help you start off relaxed and mentally prepared for your session. Try not to eat an hour before a massage.

If you receive massages in your home, be ready for the session to start at the appointed hour. I always get to a client's home five to ten minutes early so I can set up and we can start the appointment on time. This is time for you to disconnect and relax so make sure you turn off the phone and put on some relaxing music. Figure out if there is anything else you need to do to give yourself uninterrupted time for the session.

Once you are ready, close your eyes and allow your mind and body to be quiet. Focus on how you feel. Breathe deeply and let tension slip away with each breath. If you can focus your mind on your breathing and the sensations you are feeling in your body, you will get more out of your session than thinking about your to-do list. Remember, this time is for you, be present.

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