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In-Studio offerings at our studio at 200 Main Street, Falmouth, MA.

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The Flexibility Guru was founded by Hilery Radha Hutchinson. She has spent the last 15 years in the wellness industry learning as much as possible to help her clients. At this point she has 45 certifications ranging from high intensity interval training to yoga for cardiac rehab and cancer patients. She has enjoyed a wide variety of jobs around the world from doing Thai Yoga Massage for the San Antonio Spurs to creating a customized yoga for surfers in Morocco to creating a personal training certification program for a gym in Nicaragua. She has also worked very closely with a wide variety of health problems and physical disabilities which helped her create our assisted stretching program for PCA's and Caregivers. She has used all of her training and experiences to thoughtfully create our certifications and workshops. 

Our Thai Yoga Massage and Mobility Specialist certifications are unique and different than any other training offered worldwide. It not only certifies participants in Thai Yoga Massage but they will also be able to perform postural assessments, flexibility assessments, PNF stretching, and can teach workshops in myofascial release. We wanted to make certain that this training would set people up to have multiple revenue streams and serve clients to the absolute best ability possible. 

"Truly life changing!"

Hilery genuinely wants to help people better their lives through her work. For someone like myself, who is admittedly impatient, I appreciate the fact that each session is based on my specific needs and many of the benefits are immediate. For example, I struggle with chronic back pain and although I've always enjoyed traditional deep tissue massage, I've noticed that the pain typically begins to come back within a day or two. In my experience, with Hilery's technique, the pain isn't even recognizable for well over a week. Recently, she's begun incorporating energy work and acupressure into our massage sessions. Although I was initially skeptical, I was amazed when I completely fell asleep at the end of a massage, as she gently applied pressure to my feet. I have been suffering with insomnia for years, and honestly can't remember the last time I fell asleep without a sleep aid. These are just a couple of the astonishing results I have experienced as a result of Thai Massage. As someone who was previously quite pessimistic about alternative treatments and overwhelmed by the idea of 'healthy living,' the benefits of the working with Hilery have truly been life changing.


—  Veronica Gorlovsky