All The Tools You Need To Help Your Body Feel Its Best!!

From recipe books to mini-courses to a video library, The Flexibility Guru's Online Wellness Portal will support you on your wellness journey!


Recipe Books

Over 200 plant-based recipes for you to explore!


A variety of wellness courses to help support your journey.

Video Library

Learn how to foam roll and stretch with proper form.

Your Monthly Guide

Each month offers a new guide with a suggested weekly workout and stretching routine, a simple healthy habit to focus on developing, a recipe book and meal plan, and a nonfiction book and documentary suggestion of the month. 

Benefits of the Online Wellness Portal:

  • Unlimited access to 100+ plant based recipes, meal planning resources, and recipe books for download.
  • New members-only videos added every single week and new e-book available for download every month.
  • Convenient online streaming = no drive to the gym or yoga studio and you can practice on your own schedule!
  • Put in your special requests to get members-only videos that will help YOU!
  • Search the stretching or foam rolling library for exactly what you need to address your aches and pains. 
  • Participate in our Facebook community as much or as little as you desire - no pressure!
  • Mini-courses like the 5-day Sugar Detox and 5-Day Gratitude Challenge to help you move forward with your wellness goals.

About The Flexibility Guru

The Flexibility Guru was founded by Hilery Radha Hutchinson as a name to aspire to. With over 50 certifications in the wellness industry and almost two decades of experience, Hilery takes a truly holistic approach to fitness and wellness. She is known for deeply listening to meet her clients where they are at on their own journey and helping them with her well thought out plans and her ability to continually adapt to any issues that come up along the path.