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The Online Wellness Studio

  • Unlimited access to yoga + fitness classes

  • Variety of class formats - yoga, pilates, mobility, foam rolling, and workouts.

  • Focused training plans—all levels

  • New members-only content added every month

  • Convenient online streaming = no drive to the yoga studio or the gym

  • Practice on your own schedule

  • Download classes and take them anywhere

  • Search the exercise and stretching library to learn specific tips to help you improve your form.

  • Participate in our community as much or as little as you desire - no pressure!

  • Access the library for only $10/month!

Classes on your terms!

Join me in my virtual wellness studio to take advantage of a growing amount of classes, workshops, and online programs. New videos added weekly!


Like having a studio in your own home!


Access everything right through my website! Access the video library in the members only section and you will be sent a special Zoom link when you enroll in any live class. I am only offering live classes for members and clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the classes?

The length of each class will vary. There are classes in the library as short as five minutes and as long as 60 minutes. You can search videos by length or focus area. The library of single stretches and exercises can be a great resource when you tweak something and want to find a quick stretching or foam rolling solution.

What is different about the Online Wellness Studio than taking classes on YouTube?

Each month I upload new exclusive content to the library, including yoga practices, meditation practices, and lifestyle guides related to that month's given theme. I share many videos that you won't be able to gain access to like self care workshops and chair yoga. Take part in group challenges with other members and use the different channels to take a self guided course on foam rolling or stretching.

What is the monthly fee?

The subscription is $10 USD per month for the library.

What is your cancellation policy?

Although I'd be sad to see you go, you are free to cancel at anytime.

What time do I join LIVE classes?

I always open the Zoom Room ten minutes before class starts. I miss the connection and community of group classes so this is my little way of still being able to connect and chat before class. You can join in early if you are feeling social or jump in when class begins. 

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