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November 11th

I wanted to let you know that I will be taking a step back from offering certifications and be completely transparent in why. 


If you have ever read our “About” section, you know that I created the name of The Flexibility Guru as something to aspire to. It is a daily reminder to continue my studies and learn as much as I can to help my clients. I have spent the last fifteen years getting 47 certifications and “experimenting” with my clients and students to see what methods are highly effective in providing flexibility and mobility. The most recent certification I have started working towards is Resistance Stretching with The Genius of Flexibility, Bob Cooley. This certification feels like the knowledge I am learning is profound and life changing, but it is an extremely different method and philosophy that is requiring me to unlearn some of what I have been taught. Returning to the role of a student and having a beginner’s mind means I am no longer the teacher a.k.a. Guru. I have a great deal of learning to do in Resistance Stretching and will be deep in student mode for quite some time. I am also going to try using this method of stretching to help with my own healing.


Over the last three years I have experienced several serious health issues that have forced me to take time off and focus on my body instead of others. After each hospitalization I tried to get back to work as quickly as possible both because I truly love what I do and because I need to support myself financially. But, because of this my body is not truly healing. At this point, I appear healthy to most people but living with the Babesia parasite gives me severe chronic bone pain and on average I have fevers five out of seven days a week and night sweats three times a week. Most days my muscles are clenching to the bone pain causing more discomfort and I never feel 100% especially when I have to work with a fever. If I stop taking my herbal supplements and the tinctures from my doctors protocol, the pain becomes completely unbearable and I am too weak to go for a 10-minute walk without sitting down. It is very clear to me that my health is not truly improving to the level it needs to be at so I need to invest more time and effort into my own healing. 


Between my health and this amazing new knowledge, I feel that I need to focus on my own body and healing so that I can eventually start helping others on an even deeper level. I will be using this site and my social media accounts to share my journey with Resistance Stretching and how it helps my health improve but I am no longer running workshops and certifications until further notice. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at flexibilityguru@gmail.com

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