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Have you had a wake up call and want to get back on track with your health? Are you ready to make a change but you need some expert guidance?

I can help.

My name is Hilery and I work with people just like you to help you get back to the activities and pastimes you used to enjoy. Whether it be keeping up with the children and grandchildren, or tackling DIY jobs in the home, I will make a difference in the quality of your life.

Meet Amelia

Working with you had a direct affect on my happiness today. Apparently The skylight on my roof had opened a crack and it resulted in some water damage. What brought me joy was the ease that I climbed into the attic to fix the skylight! The stairs on the attic are steep and stepping onto the floor of the attic takes some flexibilty. Thanks to you I was able to do it easily and gracefully. I didn't have to get on my knees or do anything funky. I am forever grateful and appreciative for your guidance and investment in my health. The flexibility and mobility work really makes a difference. Thanks for pushing me to do the work in those areas. You're the best!

Marcus D. 

My mission is to make you feel your best and enable you to live your life to the fullest despite aging or illness.

How do I do this? By working with you to increase your strength and improve your fitness and flexibility. We all want to do more, right? But the benefits don’t stop there. Improved blood flow will expedite healing, your balance will be better and your joints will be safe and strong. Confidence in your body and reduced stress levels will make you feel good about yourself again.

Why Naturopathy

Nancy H.

I am a 69 year old mother, grandmothers, and great-grandmother, and I stay very busy. We own a home and AirBnB in Maine, so I have been spending weeks doing landscaping and gardening. Unfortunately because of all the hard work, I have been in constant pain for a very long time to the point that just doing some simple stretching exercises has been extremely painful.

Fortunately Hilery and I had a long conversation and she designed an exercise program that is perfect for my needs. Hilery actually listens, and due to her vast knowledge and compassion, I now have a 5-day plan that I can do when it is convenient for me. Yoga was very painful for me so Hilery now has me doing a chair yoga routine three times a week and an overall stretching and strengthening routine twice a week. I am actually looking forward to the workouts everyday and make it a priority, which I have never done in the past. Int makes such a difference to have a routine designed just for me.

I am getting stronger and more flexible with each workout and it doesn't hurt to stretch anymore. Hilery will modify my program as needed which is wonderful. I know it will always be challenging, effective, and fun. I love how she explains each exercise and makes sure that I have good form. The gentle reminders are very helpful and keep me in proper alignment. Thank you Hilery! You have truly made a difference in my everyday life.

I have a unique insight into the challenges you face. I committed my life to this field when my dad died right after I turned 21. He was very passionate about sports and staying active despite a 15-year struggle with brain cancer. I wanted to do something that honored him. I believe part of what made him defy all odds was both his mindset and his activity levels. If he could live 15 years instead of the 6 months they gave him, then I think we can all beat the odds! 

I have dedicated my life to learning everything I can about fitness, wellness, and mindset so I can help people feel their absolute best despite what their circumstances may be. I live with several chronic illnesses myself, but you wouldn’t be able to tell because I live the lifestyle I teach.


I have 17 years hands-on experience and over 50 different certifications. This year I am writing my first book on stretching and it will be available in stores on February 4th, 2021!

Once we have started on your journey to improved fitness, flexibility and strength I can also provide help with diet, nutrition and managing stress. We will only take things one small step at a time so the change is not overwhelming.

Together we’ll work as a team to identify your personal goals and create a custom designed road map to your success that is flexible, accessible and fun.​

We can work together online via Zoom for live training sessions, I can create a customized program for you with videos and accountability, or join the on-demand library of classes and tutorials! 

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