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The tradition of the cacao ceremonies has its roots in Central America and are about reconnecting our nature to the earth, but also about ‘opening the heart’ and reconnecting to the people around you. Cacao is known as a medicinal healing spirit for the human heart, as it strengthens the qualities of connection, truth and harmony within us.

In a ceremony one drinks the medicinal raw cacao in a small dose (with hot water), this brings us into a state where we can easily open up and listen to the voice of our heart, enter into a state of relaxation and presence.


Because the Cacao is a true heart opener, we can easily connect ourselves with the world. Feel life flowing through your senses, feel eachother's gratitude by dancing, singing and sharing. It's all about expressing your true self.

This ceremony will help us create a space for openness, to express one's feelings in mutual respect and with dignity, and set us up for an amazing adventure together.