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In-Studio offerings at our studio at 200 Main Street, Falmouth, MA.

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We originally set up our training as a ten day intensive but have found many people can't take that much time off work. This year we will also be offering it as a weekend training. The daily schedule will be slightly different than our intensive but the subject matter is identical.

Weekend One

Our first weekend will not touch on Thai Yoga Massage at all but will potentially give you three different revenue streams! You will learn how to run a 90-minute foam rolling workshop, teach Simply Stretch classes, and create customized stretching and foam rolling sessions.

Fascia, Flexibility, and Foam Rolling

We start by laying the ground work of understanding anatomy and fascia, how flexibility works, and what the most effective flexibility methods are. You will learn how to run a Foam Rolling workshop and understand how to use a variety of tools for self massage. This comes in handy to take care of your own body and give clients useful instructions to work on their tension between sessions.

Simply Stretch

Today you will learn about teaching "group fitness" classes. Topics will include: setting up the room, music selection, class sequencing, and marketing. You will learn two different one-hour stretch classes that you can teach anywhere. In addition to the pre-formatted classes, we will discuss how to create your own. Many people are intimidated by yoga but still need to work on their flexibility so these classes can be the perfect solution.

Weekend Two

This weekend you will begin learning the seated sequence! But first we need to learn some assessments. Assessments are a way to learn more about your client and track their progress. Assessments can be part of a session or be sold as their own session too. 


You will be learning three different assessments today; the flexibility assessment, the posture assessment, and the Ayurvedic assessment. We will be discussing how each of these assessments will give you valuable information to customizing your sessions. This will be followed by practice time to have a private session with a friend where you will perform all three assessments and create a customized session for them integrating the foam rolling techniques and stretching from the first weekend.

Foundations & Seated Series

We will start by learning the four foundations of Thai Yoga Massage. The entire day will be spent learning the seated sequence that focuses more on the upper body. We will also learn ways to incorporate proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation into the sequence to increase flexibility as quickly as possible.

Weekend Three

Our weekend will begin with a review of the seated sequence and time to practice it again and work out any kinks you may have encountered! Then we will be diving into the single leg series. There will also be a little philosophy this weekend to learn about the sen lines.

Single Leg Series - Part One

Feet first! We will be starting with a foot massage before we move onto the sen lines. Then we will start the single leg series. The single leg series is a main component of most Thai Yoga Massage sessions. There are a wide variety of rotational moves you will learn that help lubricate the joints and improve spinal health even though you are working on the legs. 

Single Leg Series - Part Two

We will have a review in the morning to go over the seated series, the feet, and the single leg series that you learned. Then we will be adding more moves into the single leg series. Today will be filled with demonstrations and practice time.

Weekend Four

We are almost done! This weekend you will be learning the remainder of the Thai Yoga Massage sequence. Then we will be learning the full PNF sequence! The full PNF sequence is easier to learn because it follows the same sequence as the THai Yoga Massage but there are less moves.

Final Sequence

Our sequence ends with a few different series of moves. First you will learn the double leg series. This is highly beneficial after the prone series because it decreases compression in the spine that can occur when lying in the prone position. Then we will learn an abdominal massage, arms and hand massage, followed by the neck and head massage. You will now have enough moves to perform a three hour massage!!

PNF Sequence

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a technique used commonly by physical therapists that helps improve flexibility. Today we will go over how to integrate it into the Thai Yoga Massage and how to perform it as a separate session that could be 30-90 minutes long.

Weekend Five

Our final weekend together will have plenty of time for final questions and practice. We will be inviting people to come in for a free session so you can practice on different body types and get "real world" practice in how to perform an assessment and  customize a session on the spot. 


Seeing as you know a massage that could last several hours, you are going to need to know how to customize it for the client in front of you and the time that they have available. Today will review the assessments we learned the second weekend and how to customize our massage. We will be working on volunteer "clients" today instead of each other to get some experience working on different body types.


You have amazing new skills! Now, what do you do with them?! We will be going over business and marketing heavily today. You will learn about different tools and apps to help you navigate the social media world. We will be going over business ethics and marketing strategy in addition to business planning. You will leave feeling confident in your new skills and understand how to market them in a way that is true to your heart.