Foot Health: Treat Your Feet!

Our feet carry us just about everywhere we go. Even if you are driving in the car, you are depending on your right foot to control the gas pedal. A small cut, a banged or ingrown toenail. a bunion, or a blister can completely change our quality of life yet we give our foot health very little attention. I know this won't change based on this one blog post but I would at least like to help you become more aware of your feet.


One important reason to pay attention to your feet is because of the kinetic chain. We have five different points along the kinetic chain: the ankle, the knee, the hips, the shoulders, and the head. Every time you take a step, the ankle joint has an affect on every single on of those joints above it. Have you noticed most people don't walk with their feet straight ahead? This generally doesn't start with birth! This can start at a young age when a child replicates how their parents walk but it is not how we were designed. A pronated foot can cause the arch...

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Two Step

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