Do natural remedies actually work?

Whenever an issue arises in my body or in a friend's or client's, I always turn to nutrition, supplements, and natural remedies first! I have realized that most people don't operate this way at all. They immediately turn to a pharmaceutical method to quickly resolve the problem or they just suffer and don't know what to do.

It made me realize that people are simply uninformed on the benefits and differences of pharmaceuticals versus supplements and natural remedies. There are so many benefits of turning to natural remedies first and it truly is the best strategy for helping your body in the long run.

Yesterday I was working with a new client who confessed their leg is in pain 90% of the time. I immediately asked him if he was taking any supplements to help with inflammation or joint pain. He told me that he doesn't consider it joint pain, it is more muscular, and that he just takes a lot of Advil to help manage the pain.

The issue here is that Advil is merely a...

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10 Songs to Start Your Day With

Music is magical. Hearing a song can transport you back in time to a specific memory, calm you down, amp you up or make you feel warm and fuzzy! Most of us know the power of a good playlist at the gym - I know several people that will forfeit a workout if they forget their headphones. This is why I think finding a motivational song to start your day with can be transformational. I have included my top ten choices below. Each song has a different genre or energy about them in hopes you can find one that will resonate with you. If you have a song that can uplift you and shift you from "waking up on the wrong side of the bed" to being excited for the day to come, please share your secret song in the comments! The songs are linked to Spotify and I have added more songs to the playlist here.

1. Happy 

2. Beautiful Day

3. Don't Worry, Be Happy

4. I Got You

5. You Can Get It If You Really Want

6. Walking on Sunshine

7. With My Own Two Hands

8. Feeling Good

9. Lovely Day


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Sunshine: A Natural Remedy

Sunshine brings me so much joy! Sunshine on the skin is an essential component of our health and wellness. Regular exposure to sunshine results in denser bones, stronger muscles, richer blood, healthier nerves, and greater endurance. But just like overeating, over sunning causes free-radical damage to the skin. Even though it can have negative effects when misused, I consider it a natural remedy.

Here are some interesting facts about sunshine exposure:

  • Vitamin D, which assists in mineralizing the bones and boosting the mood, is formed when the skin is exposed to sunshine.

  • Sunshine increases the amount of iron in your blood. This creates a "magnetic" presence as is evident in the well tanned look.

  • US cancer rates are highest in the northern states with the least amount of sunshine.

  • Rates of breast, prostate, ovarian, and colon cancer are lower in people with more sunshine exposure.

  • Sunshine exposure may reduce breast cancer up to 30-40% and ovarian cancer by...

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Disulfiram: Bath & Beauty

The largest organ in the body is the skin. I don't think very many people give this a lot of thought but it is a way we both absorb and release toxins so what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in our body. I have been using all natural bath and beauty products for about eight years and finally switched my medicine cabinet out about three years ago. Even though I have been using all-natural, organic products there are still several changes I have had to make since starting Disulfiram. I tend to err on the side of caution because my body is very sensitive and has adverse reactions to many different things but I'm also a rebel that likes to test my limits and experiment with just how strict I have to be!

When using Disulfiram you will need to start reading the labels on all of your bath and beauty products. You will want to read the labels on shampoo and conditioner, soap, shower gel, shaving products, moisturizers, facial skin care, bath products,...

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The Power of CBD

I recently started taking a CBD supplement and have to admit I was extremely skeptical at first. I guess I was hesitant because I couldn't quite grasp how powerful hemp could be since it is not considered a drug like marijuana. I went to a conference last fall when I first learned about CBD and Endocannabanoid Deficiency. I had never heard of this before and although it planted a seed in my mind about CBD, it did not inspire me to try it for my own health issues. I suppose since nerves only have the ability to heal 1mm per day, I felt a little hopeless that any thing could really help speed up the process.

The last few months I have been experiencing entirely different symptoms of severe and some times debilitating joint pain throughout my body and my fatigue has been back with a vengeance!

I currently have four different doctors opinions that are contradicting each other so I have felt a little lost and haven't been sure where to turn. I'm currently going...

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