What is Spiritual Life Coaching?!

I know I get overwhelmed with all the different coach titles out there in the world today -health coach, wellness coach, life coach, dharma coach, life purpose coach, transformation coach, spiritual life coach… the list goes on. If I am being honest, I think I fit under any of those job titles but what I would be offering you would be slightly different. That is because I have so many certifications though!
Today I want to share with you what spiritual life coaching is all about. Sometimes I have difficulty describing these things because it looks so different to each person I coach. Coaching is all about meeting you where YOU are at on your journey – I would never use the same approach on two different people, but I will try to sum it up for you!
As a spiritual life coach, I help you evolve into your true potential. I help you see the patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into the highest version of yourself. I help...
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The Surprising Tool That Kickstarted My Healing Journey

In September 2019, I was in the midst of a five-year health crisis and struggling to simply survive each day.


I felt like my body was holding me hostage. I was crawling to get to the bathroom. I could barely feed myself, and could no longer sleep upstairs in my bedroom because seizures had become common and I was worried about falling down the stairs. 


My mind was overwhelmed with the fact that I had been living a healthy lifestyle almost my entire life, and an organic one for the past decade, yet I had been hospitalized three times in two years, and now had 6 rare diseases, 4 mycotoxin poisonings, and 5 heavy metal poisonings. I always practice what I preach but I had become severely ill and no matter what I tried, I wasn’t getting better. 


I couldn’t work, leave the house, or drive. I was trapped. I was too weak to stand up and use the walker. I was barely eating or drinking because it took so much effort to make it to the bathroom. I...

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A common obstacle on your nutrition journey!

I just had an interesting conversation with one of my clients that blew both of our minds...

This client has been showing up to her workouts, getting plenty of sleep and even tracking her food intake, but she's struggling with low energy, constant hunger and a scale that won't budge!

Curious to see what was wrong, I asked to see her food journal and the answer was right there glaring both of us in the face! 


I honestly think if sugar had to be reviewed by the FDA today that it would be classified as a drug and not a food. If you have ever tried to eliminate sugar from your diet before then you are well aware of the withdrawal side effects and the intense cravings you can have. Once you go sugar free for a few days, your natural energy levels return and you are free from the sugar dependency cycle. I think it feels amazing to be sugar free and you become much more sensitive to sugar which helps you eat less and less!

Most people know that added sugar is...

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Posture Correction

Once I learned how to do posture assessments, people watching became much more interesting! I am constantly looking at the way people walk and trying to assess where they feel pain in their body - and is there a pain causing their postural problem or is their postural problem creating unnecessary pain?

Based on the posture assessments I have done in the last three years, 100 % of my clients have forward head posture so I honestly don't think there are many people escaping the issue. Poor posture may only seem to be an aesthetic issue but these are the health issues that can be caused by having forward head posture:

  • Muscle ischemia

  • Pain and fatigue

  • Decreased range of motion of cervical spine

  • Early disc degeneration and osteophyte formation

  • Temporo-mandibular joint pain (TMJ) and inflammation

  • Tension Headache

  • Increase in dorsal kyphosis and decrease in height

  • Decrease in vital capacity and range of motion of shoulder and arm

  • Possible protrusion of...

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What to Expect from my Coaching Programs

Whether I am coaching my clients one-on-one or in a group setting, my approach is the same. My coaching programs are designed with your health, lifestyle, and personal goals leading the way. I am fully committed to your health and your success. Together we will go deep and create a personalized plan to get you started on your journey to more health, fulfillment, and joy now!

My coaching style is a blend of practical, educational, and inspirational. I try to keep things very simple and logical to make sure you don't feel overwhelmed or frustrated with new information. I’ll share resources for expanding your understanding of holistic health and simple practices to put your learning into action. I will guide you with love and support as you make changes to elevate your health and expand your energy.

Here is what you can expect when you work with me:

  • An in-depth assessment to get to know you, your habits, lifestyle and goals on a much deeper level

  • Individualized coaching to...

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What is a Wellness Consultation?

The goal of a Wellness Consultation is to help you gain a better understanding of your health priorities and goals. This consultation will help you take stock of what is currently going on in your life and create a 90-day plan to help you reach your goals. Some recommendations will include natural remedies, supplements, and essential oils to help support your journey.

I prefer to be transparent in my business practice so please know I do make a small commission off of the products I sell (if you make a purchase) so I never charge for these sessions.

If you decide not to buy anything, that is okay!! No pressure from me, just guidance and support. I simply know that our time together will be more successful if you have the products to support your journey. I have done a great deal of due diligence to find the best companies and products so you don't end up buying "snake oil"!


Step 1: Think Through Health Priorities, Goals, and Natural Solutions

At the beginning of the...

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The Power of an Assessment

From my experience in the fitness industry, I don't feel like enough people take the time to do a full assessment before working with clients. I have both seen this in workplaces and had a lot of feedback that my clients have never had such a thorough assessment before.
There is so much information a practitioner can gain through an assessment. We have a variety of things to look at and assess from posture to flexibility, strength to cardiovascular efficiency, body weight and girth measurements, to Ayurvedic constitution.

By skipping the assessment process, most practitioners are simply "winging it". We have to trust the information you have given us to be true and that you haven't left anything out of your history. I often forget to inform a practitioner I am working with of ALL the issues going on in my body so I have to assume my clients forget too. I think we can all get in that excited mindset of starting a new program and just wanting to get to work immediately!...

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Get Your Mindset Right!

Did you know a component of personal training includes mindset training?!
There is no way to change your habits if your mind is not fully committed and in the right frame of mind. One feature of my online training app offers habit tracking and coaching built in!

Mindset is more than a popular gym buzz word. It is has been studied in the fields of cognitive and positive psychology since about 1920, and that has provided a scientific foundation to help trainers like me understand how our beliefs influence our behaviors.

People in the wellness world are coming from two different mindsets, promotion or prevention. The promotion focused person may exercise with a focus on the improvements associated with living a healthier lifestyle. The prevention focused mindset might focus on avoiding medical issues and joint replacements. As a trainer, it is important for me to understand my client's mindset because I am able to encourage them in different ways. People with a...

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Perfect Timing

I feel like sometimes people may not stretch because there is too much mystery surrounding it. They don't know if they are doing it right, they may not know which stretches to do, and they don't know how long they should hold it for.

As a personal trainer I learned to hold a stretch for 20-60 seconds. As a yoga instructor I learned you may hold a stretch for 5 minutes to gain the maximum benefit and you haven't mastered a pose until you can maintain it for three hours!

Through teaching and practice I have learned it takes most people at least a minute for their body to actually relax into the stretch. I believe that is the goal. Our body has a couple defense mechanisms built in to protect us against tearing the muscles and tendons so our first reflex when stretching is for the body to resist a little.

You should hold a stretch as long as it takes to feel your body let go of that resistance, notice a release, and gently take it a bit further. If you don't allow your body...

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5 Steps to Starting A Meditation Practice

I think the most important part of starting a meditation practice is remembering that it is called a practice for a reason!
Nobody is "good" at meditation from the start. It takes practice - lots and lots of practice. The beautiful thing is that you can feel the benefits each and every time you take the time to sit in silence and connect with your breath. Soon you will notice that you are able to keep your mind focused a little longer and when it does become distracted, you are able to bring it back to meditation quicker and quicker.
Create a set time in your schedule. 
At first it is best to do it first thing in the morning when you wake up. You may want to splash some water on your face and brush your teeth to make sure you don’t fall back to sleep!

Designate a set duration. 

When beginning a practice it can be hard to set aside part of your day to sit still. You may want to start with three minutes on the first day and set an alarm. See how...

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