Get Your Mindset Right!

Did you know a component of personal training includes mindset training?!
There is no way to change your habits if your mind is not fully committed and in the right frame of mind. One feature of my online training app offers habit tracking and coaching built in!

Mindset is more than a popular gym buzz word. It is has been studied in the fields of cognitive and positive psychology since about 1920, and that has provided a scientific foundation to help trainers like me understand how our beliefs influence our behaviors.

People in the wellness world are coming from two different mindsets, promotion or prevention. The promotion focused person may exercise with a focus on the improvements associated with living a healthier lifestyle. The prevention focused mindset might focus on avoiding medical issues and joint replacements. As a trainer, it is important for me to understand my client's mindset because I am able to encourage them in different ways. People with a...

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The Mindful Way: Supporting Your Journey Towards Wellness

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2020
The Flexibility Guru now has a Facebook Group! We are heading over to facebook in an attempt to build an online community. I am hopeful this allows me to connect with you in a group environment so we can have healthier, kinder, and more meaningful interactions.

I am really excited about this platform and am looking forward to building a bigger community that I can help. Our group is called The Mindful Way. I will be sharing 2-3 posts a day there to help keep you mindful each and every day. We can all forget to take care of ourselves - I don't know why it always falls to the bottom of the to-do list, but it does! So every day of the week I will be bringing you different ways to incorporate wellness into your life.


Here is what you can expect:

  • little reminders to be grateful with some helpful journal exercises

  • mini-workouts ranging from 3-15 minutes

  • the stretch of the week to practice daily

  • self massage & foam rolling tips

  • healthy recipes

  • ...

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The Morning Ritual

holistic health nutrition Mar 30, 2020
I truly believe that the secret to success lies in the daily routine. Creating a perfect morning routine will start you off on the right foot each day, properly fuel you, and make you feel accomplished for taking the positive steps and healthy habits you committed to. So, how do you create the perfect morning routine? Since I don’t know you personally or your goals I can’t give you a cookie cutter answer but I can give you a few different options and you can create your own.
Initial Wake Up
Unless it is to turn off your alarm, DO NOT touch your phone. You managed to disconnect from email and social media the entire time you were sleeping so an extra thirty minutes without it is okay too! Take a few slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Think about two to three things you feel extremely grateful for, think about a goal you are striving towards, think about someone who inspires you – fill your mind and heart with...
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Total Body Tabata

fitness tips workout idea Mar 23, 2020

A Short & Sweet workout…well maybe not sweet, let’s replace that with sweaty! Make sure you get warmed up for a few minutes before you get started but that is also why the first exercise is high knees because that will finish off your warm up quite nicely.

Tabata training is performed in intervals working as hard as you possibly can for twenty seconds and resting for ten seconds. During your rest period try to take a couple deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to help slow your heart rate down and prepare for the next round. You repeat this eight times to total four minutes. Take a one minute break in between each exercise. Don’t hold back! You should not be able to work as hard/fast on your last round as you do on your first. If you can that means you are not giving each round 100% effort or perhaps you are a super hero.


High Knees

Low Impact: March in place with high knees as quickly as you can bringing your knee as close to...

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Perfect Timing

I feel like sometimes people may not stretch because there is too much mystery surrounding it. They don't know if they are doing it right, they may not know which stretches to do, and they don't know how long they should hold it for.

As a personal trainer I learned to hold a stretch for 20-60 seconds. As a yoga instructor I learned you may hold a stretch for 5 minutes to gain the maximum benefit and you haven't mastered a pose until you can maintain it for three hours!

Through teaching and practice I have learned it takes most people at least a minute for their body to actually relax into the stretch. I believe that is the goal. Our body has a couple defense mechanisms built in to protect us against tearing the muscles and tendons so our first reflex when stretching is for the body to resist a little.

You should hold a stretch as long as it takes to feel your body let go of that resistance, notice a release, and gently take it a bit further. If you don't allow your body...

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Juice: Cool as a Cucumber

 This juice is super cooling and hydrating which makes it perfect for the summer time, after a workout or even if you have a fever. It is also extremely soothing on the stomach and would be a way to ease heartburn, indigestion, or acid reflux. It is wonderful for your skin, strengthens hair and nails, boosts your immune system, and even lowers cholesterol. You could also make the juice into ice cubes and add them to your water for a nice flavor infusion.

Drink up and let your body enjoy the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including vitamin A, B6, C, E, K, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, potassium, pantothenic acid, thiamin, niacin, folic acid, copper, alpha lipoic acid, lutein, glutathione, chlorophyll, choline, calcium, and iron.

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Flip a Coin Workout!

fitness tips workout idea Mar 02, 2020
 This workout does require one piece of equipment but you probably already have it in your pocket, all you need is a coin! It can also be handy to have a timer or clock around for the 60 seconds of high knees and the 60 second plank but you can always just count in your head. The last optional piece of equipment is a mat. This could make it more comfortable if you are doing push ups on your knees and for some of the core exercises near the end.

I have provided you with ten different exercises so you could stop right there with a quick workout or you can keep repeating as many rounds as you would like for a longer, more challenging workout. Every time will be a slightly different workout which will help keep you from boredom and keep your body challenged in different ways.

If you want a longer workout, another option would be to do this entire workout tabata style instead of counting repetitions. Since tabata rounds take four minutes each, that would make this a 40...

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Top 5 Benefits of Private Yoga Lessons

I find it interesting how few people think of getting private yoga lessons! I have heard excuses why people don't do yoga at all and they can generally all be solved by just getting some private lessons before you drop in to a class at a local studio.
Some times I think yoga in a classroom setting is actually a bad idea. I love it for the sense of community and connection but find with the wide array of postural problems, injuries, and joint replacements make it difficult to teach a class that serves everyone in the room.
There have been a few times at smaller clubs that only one person showed up for class so I turned it into a private lesson and the members were shocked at how much they learned. I've never really promoted getting private lessons in any of my classes because the balance between yoga instructor and business is a funny line to walk. I know my intention is pure and I merely want to help people feel their best, but I never want people to feel...
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Inner Ramblings of a Chronic Illness Warrior

I have been feeling so lost this week. I have been really sick again which always throws my psyche off but I am completely second guessing myself on just about everything. Today I am going to be vulnerable and share the inner workings of my mind in hopes it helps you understand a different aspect of living with illness...


Do I commit more time and money to resistance stretching? On one hand I am afraid it is too much money to spend. On the other hand, if it works then it is totally worth it. But then again - it’s a lot of money to spend and I am trying to work less, not more. The fear of spending money during uncertain times arises and weighs on me a lot but I don’t think it is a completely “valid” fear. I am still bringing in a little money and I do have savings so I think I am safer than I feel. I can feel a difference after every session but at the same time it doesn’t feel like it has an epic overall effect. I have spent a little...

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5 Steps to Starting A Meditation Practice

I think the most important part of starting a meditation practice is remembering that it is called a practice for a reason!
Nobody is "good" at meditation from the start. It takes practice - lots and lots of practice. The beautiful thing is that you can feel the benefits each and every time you take the time to sit in silence and connect with your breath. Soon you will notice that you are able to keep your mind focused a little longer and when it does become distracted, you are able to bring it back to meditation quicker and quicker.
Create a set time in your schedule. 
At first it is best to do it first thing in the morning when you wake up. You may want to splash some water on your face and brush your teeth to make sure you don’t fall back to sleep!

Designate a set duration. 

When beginning a practice it can be hard to set aside part of your day to sit still. You may want to start with three minutes on the first day and set an alarm. See how...

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