50 Ingredients to Avoid!!

At this point in the world, I don't believe anyone can live a chemical free lifestyle but I still think it is important to make a large effort to clear out the chemicals you can. I wanted to make you a brief list of what you should really try to cut out when you can but the list became long quite effortlessly. These ingredients are so hard to spell and pronounce that I know looking at a label can be like reading a foreign language, but that is a sign that what you are about to eat is NOT food rather it is a chemical food product.

The reason I say that you can't be truly chemical free is because the FDA has approved a list called GRAS, meaning Generally Recognized As Safe. You can look at the list here https://www.fda.gov/food/food-additives-petitions/food-additive-status-list They have decided that these items can be added to our food without research on the safety repercussions of long term use. In all, there are an estimated 1,000 GRAS substances for which safety decisions were...

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Why balance should not be overlooked!

In my experience, nobody really talks about balance until they are seniors. You would think at some point a senior would warn the younger generation to work on their balance!! Unfortunately they don't, but I am happy to educate you on the importance of balance.

I have had clients come to me after taking major falls from teens to seniors and the aftermath is never pretty. I have seen concussions, brain injuries, broken ankles that needed to be screwed together, dislocated knees and torn tendons. Falling can do major damage that can not only stick with you for a lifetime but can even be deadly.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • One in four Americans aged 65+ falls each year.

  • Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall; every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall.

  • Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults.

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8 Natural Remedies for Pain Relief

Some days I feel like it is a blessing, and some days it is a curse but I am allergic to most pain killers. I feel like it is a blessing as I will never have to worry about addiction or deal with the mirage of side effects that go along with taking pain killers. But I'm sure you can understand why it is also a curse! I have dealt with a lot of pain over my lifetime with migraines starting at the age of 7 to polycystic ovaries wreaking havoc in my late teens and twenties to my recent four year journey with illness. I have had to find other ways to deal with my pain and I thought I would share them in case they could help you too.



When I was younger, my number one remedy was music. I would find super relaxing music and just start taking slower and deeper breaths while imaging the pain dissipating with every breath. This was before I knew anything about yoga or breathing - it was just this natural intuitive decision. I know this method may sound too simple and you may...

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Foot Health: Treat Your Feet!

Our feet carry us just about everywhere we go. Even if you are driving in the car, you are depending on your right foot to control the gas pedal. A small cut, a banged or ingrown toenail. a bunion, or a blister can completely change our quality of life yet we give our foot health very little attention. I know this won't change based on this one blog post but I would at least like to help you become more aware of your feet.


One important reason to pay attention to your feet is because of the kinetic chain. We have five different points along the kinetic chain: the ankle, the knee, the hips, the shoulders, and the head. Every time you take a step, the ankle joint has an affect on every single on of those joints above it. Have you noticed most people don't walk with their feet straight ahead? This generally doesn't start with birth! This can start at a young age when a child replicates how their parents walk but it is not how we were designed. A pronated foot can cause the arch...

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Lemon Ginger "Cheesecake"

nutrition vegan recipe Aug 17, 2020

My dear friend Veronica asked me for a lemon inspired dessert recipe months ago and it has honestly taken me this long to come up with something! Lemon is definitely a wonderful flavor in desserts but because it is also sour, you generally have to add a lot of sugar to make it sweet. Fortunately, in the world of raw vegan desserts there is usually a way to make any traditional dessert idea at least a bit healthier. This recipe truly is healthy though! There is quite a bit of maple syrup but other than that, the remaining ingredients are all very healthy. I know there is only a small amount of turmeric for the coloring but turmeric, ginger, and lemon are all pain relievers and natural anti-inflammatories, and the nuts and coconut oil are healthy fats that are good for your heart and brain.


Make the crust in a food processor by combining:

3/4 cups raw almonds

1 medjool date, pitted

1 T coconut oil

Once those ingredients have been processed then add 1 T maple syrup and...

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Strengthen & Stretch: A Very Gentle Workout

I have to be honest, being chronically ill is like living on a roller coaster. My body is continually challenging me and it's difficult to keep the mind balanced when the body is pulling you up and down. Between the body and the mind, it is difficult to be as focused, productive, and consistent as I am used to. These last six weeks have been a really difficult phase but I am finding my way back and feeling a little better these last couple of days.

I tell you this because I have been struggling to find my way to be consistent with The Flexibility Guru. I started a YouTube channel but I have been at a loss on what I can share that would be most helpful. Today I feel like I have discovered at least one focal point for the channel! I am going to be sharing more workouts for people struggling with chronic illness. Now you don't have to be ill to do these workouts - they would be great for seniors, beginners, and self care days too! 

Over the last couple of months I have really...

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I've been working hard for 1,460 days for this...

Today is an important day to me. It is the day I am supposed to be fully healed from this medical nightmare. Four years ago today I went into the hospital as I was becoming paralyzed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. During this hospital stay I was told it would only happen once and it could take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 years to recover. Six months later when it happened again, my neurologist explained that it would definitely be about four years before my nervous system would be fully healed. The myelin coating on your nerves can only heal 1 mm per day max, that's about an inch a month.

At that point I mentally prepared for a four year struggle. The saving grace was that I knew each year I would be healing more and more, so I was hoping the process would be less painful over time. If you have ever had nerve pain before, you may be able to imagine what every nerve in your body healing could feel like. It was slow though - I would feel the nerves regenerating in just my upper arm for...

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Extreme Dieting In Hopes of Healing

I am entering a new phase of this healing journey. I feel like I have tried it all!

Prescriptions, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy, supplements, detoxes and more. I also feel like I have failed a million times. In March my doctor reached his breaking point after I had a massive reaction to a prescription he had me on. He told me he felt there was something going on in my body that no medical test could diagnose. I have adverse reactions to every prescription he has given me, the detox supplements, and the vitamin IV's. There is something strange going on in my body that nobody can quite figure out.

He recommended that I see an intuitive healer he knows who specializes in muscle testing, nutrition and kinesiology. To be honest, I had an aversion to this. I understand the power of intuition but it is hard for me to trust a complete strangers intuition about my body - it's just a little outside my comfort zone. I felt like we had tried everything though...

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Online Workouts: Please be careful!!

The online wellness world is a bit of a scary, confusing place these days so I want to share my perspective to make it clear why mindfulness is important when choosing an online workout!

The online world is FULL of fitness and wellness professionals that all have varying degrees of qualifications. Some people's only qualification is that they look the part by living the lifestyle or have good genetics. Some people may have gone to college for a health related career but some may have just taken a one-day online course and now because they look the part and say there are qualified - you trust them. I would recommend you look into the qualifications of anyone you are trusting with your body and health.

From my personal experience, one certification isn't nearly enough. It doesn't quite prepare you for the real world and the wide variety of human bodies and their issues.

Now, I have to be honest - I am horrified by all the people working out, unsupervised at home, following...

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Vegan Snickers Bar

I thought you may need a sweet treat to help you get through the week!
These are very simple to make. There are only a few ingredients and you only need a food processor, no baking required!

This dessert is really just cashews, coconut oil. dates, and maple syrup with some chocolate and peanuts. The ingredients are pure, natural and your body understands how to process and assimilate them. No chemicals, no processed ingredients!

Luckily this is rich enough to keep your portion control in check. I love that our bodies are sensitive to fat to tell us to stop, carbs on the other hand give us no signal of when we have had enough.



Layer One

1 c Cashews

3 T Coconut Oil

2 T Maple Syrup

Layer Two

2 c Dates

2 T Water

2 T Nut Milk

Layer Three

1 c Roasted Salted Peanuts or Salted Almonds (chopped)

Layer 4

1/2 c Coconut Oil

2/3 c Cocoa Powder

1/4 c Maple Syrup


You will need to soak the cashews first. Normal process: Soak for 4 hours. Speed process: Soak in hot...

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