What is Spiritual Life Coaching?!

I know I get overwhelmed with all the different coach titles out there in the world today -health coach, wellness coach, life coach, dharma coach, life purpose coach, transformation coach, spiritual life coach… the list goes on. If I am being honest, I think I fit under any of those job titles but what I would be offering you would be slightly different. That is because I have so many certifications though!
Today I want to share with you what spiritual life coaching is all about. Sometimes I have difficulty describing these things because it looks so different to each person I coach. Coaching is all about meeting you where YOU are at on your journey – I would never use the same approach on two different people, but I will try to sum it up for you!
As a spiritual life coach, I help you evolve into your true potential. I help you see the patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into the highest version of yourself. I help...
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Top 10 Tips to Stay in Balance this Fall!

We have officially entered fall this week! Today I wanted to bring you 10 tips that will help your mind and body stay in balance during the fall season. If you aren't in the mood to read, I also made this into a little YouTube video!

I am sharing these tips through the lens of Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, we all have a different proportion of Earth’s elements that we are made of and the seasons also have different ratios of these elements.

Fall is when we enter the Vata season. Vata has a higher ratio of air and space and has less fire, earth, and water. You will notice that the fall is a time where the winds start to get cooler and dryer, the leaves start to dry up, and so does our skin!

When you adjust your lifestyle habits based on the season, it allows you to keep your body and mind in flow with nature's ebbs and flows.

Most people already do this on an intuitive level. There is a reason pumpkin spice comes out in the fall! This is a mixture of warming spices to help you adapt...

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The Surprising Tool That Kickstarted My Healing Journey

In September 2019, I was in the midst of a five-year health crisis and struggling to simply survive each day.


I felt like my body was holding me hostage. I was crawling to get to the bathroom. I could barely feed myself, and could no longer sleep upstairs in my bedroom because seizures had become common and I was worried about falling down the stairs. 


My mind was overwhelmed with the fact that I had been living a healthy lifestyle almost my entire life, and an organic one for the past decade, yet I had been hospitalized three times in two years, and now had 6 rare diseases, 4 mycotoxin poisonings, and 5 heavy metal poisonings. I always practice what I preach but I had become severely ill and no matter what I tried, I wasn’t getting better. 


I couldn’t work, leave the house, or drive. I was trapped. I was too weak to stand up and use the walker. I was barely eating or drinking because it took so much effort to make it to the bathroom. I...

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What to expect for aging in your 50's

Your 50th birthday is the signal that it’s time for your first colonoscopy screening. What a rude awakening to your fifth decade of life!

If you read my last blog post about what to expect in your 40's, then you know that our bodies slowly decline in more ways than one. Our 50's also have a wide array of health issues that we are at higher risk for, but once again there are plenty of ways to practice self-care and upgrade your habits to help prevent these problems from arising. Remember: Knowledge is Power!

This truly is what makes it so important to clean up your act and live a healthy lifestyle. It is not about six-pack abs and fitting into your skinny jeans. It is about staying healthy for as long as possible and not having to suffer from preventable issues. 

Here are the health issues you are more prone to in your 50's and the preventative health measures or lifestyle changes you can make to keep them at bay!

Let's start with the fun one that none of us can...

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What to expect for aging in your 40's!

Hitting the age of 40 feels like a pretty big deal to most people! It is a time where the signs of aging become undeniable.

Fine lines and wrinkles have started to appear, the first grey hairs may have arrived, and most people feel a big shift in their metabolism so it becomes more difficult to lose weight and much easier to pack on the pounds. Vision also starts to go and reading glasses can become your newest accessory!

When it comes to aging, there are always a variety of ways that we can change our lifestyle to implement self-care practices in an effort to slow down the effects of aging and to help prevent more serious issues from happening.

Our bodies don't come with a handbook of what to expect as you age, so I thought I would help educate you! It is actually somewhat difficult to find any straightforward information on what to expect as we age. It feels like nobody wants to think about it.

Facing our own mortality can be difficult but our demise is coming whether we want...

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Do natural remedies actually work?

Whenever an issue arises in my body or in a friend's or client's, I always turn to nutrition, supplements, and natural remedies first! I have realized that most people don't operate this way at all. They immediately turn to a pharmaceutical method to quickly resolve the problem or they just suffer and don't know what to do.

It made me realize that people are simply uninformed on the benefits and differences of pharmaceuticals versus supplements and natural remedies. There are so many benefits of turning to natural remedies first and it truly is the best strategy for helping your body in the long run.

Yesterday I was working with a new client who confessed their leg is in pain 90% of the time. I immediately asked him if he was taking any supplements to help with inflammation or joint pain. He told me that he doesn't consider it joint pain, it is more muscular, and that he just takes a lot of Advil to help manage the pain.

The issue here is that Advil is merely a...

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Top 10 Tips for Aging with Ease


Getting older is inevitable but that doesn’t mean you can’t age with grace. How we live in our bodies, dramatically influences how we age. We can care for them or we can use them and abuse them! 

Unfortunately, life didn’t come with an instruction manual on how to best care for our aging bodies and it isn’t something taught to us in school. It is up to each of us individually to learn for ourselves and to figure out what works. I want to help you get started on the right track to aging gracefully with 10 helpful tips. 

There is no question that our bodies do change over time, but the myths of aging have discouraged seniors from making healthy lifestyle changes because they feel it is too late and aging is inevitable. Most people believe that they are too old to exercise and that aging is a hopeless battle. 

Here is the thing; yes, you CAN lose half of your muscle mass by the time you are 80, BUT if you are exercising then you won’t...

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The Ultimate Reset: My Results & Honest Review

I always like to experiment on myself with new health products so I can give a true testimonial before I have my clients try something. This month I decided to do Beachbody's Ultimate Reset, a 21-day Clean Eating program and Detox.

I documented the whole journey day by day so you can truly see the progress and get some helpful tips if it is something you are interested in. Throughout these past three weeks, it has actually been really hard for me to find any reasons my clients and friends shouldn't do the reset! 

If I am being honest, on day 17 I started missing eating what I want when I want, but I think anyone can get a little bored when following a plan. It definitely isn't a reason not to do the Ultimate Reset! I am just a free spirit that values freedom.

I actually really enjoyed the entire program and thought it was really well done. There are such a wide variety of reasons you could do this program:

  • You want to lose stubborn weight quickly.
  • You have had a health...
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The Ultimate Reset: Week One!

A few weeks ago I decided to embark on the Ultimate Reset journey, a 3-week clean eating and detox program, for a couple of different reasons. First and foremost, I am finally regaining my health and haven't had many symptoms of illness lately. I have had so many ups and downs that I am still nervous to say that I am healed but each healthy day makes me a little more confident! 

The reset is a combination of a 3-week clean eating meal plan where the second week you progress to being vegetarian, and the third week you are vegan. I always have a challenge cutting out dairy to commit to being vegan so I thought this plan may help with that. More importantly, there are three weeks of supplements with a colon cleanse the second week, and I want to make sure I have gotten rid of these toxins once and for all!!

The other reason I wanted to try out the reset is because I have been using Beachbody products for years and I am a coach with them. That means I make a small commission...

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Have you been overlooking these very important muscles?!

fitness tips workout idea Feb 23, 2021

When it comes to your core muscles, one group often gets overlooked … until they become a problem! That is because when we think of our core, we usually only think of the six pack of muscles. 


Did you know that your pelvic floor muscles are the FOUNDATION for your core? We forget all about the pelvic floor muscles until we start having bladder issues but they work very hard to support you – as well as all the organs that are inside your pelvic region.


The pelvic floor muscles give you the ability to control urine, feces and gas, and can delay emptying until it is convenient. Keeping those muscles strong and fit can make a big difference in your body’s overall stability, as well as your digestive and reproductive organs. When you contract the pelvic floor muscles they lift up the internal organs in the pelvis and tighten the vagina, urethra, and anus. 


This doesn’t just apply to women, BTW – men also benefit from...

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