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A little about me...

My name is Hilery Hutchinson and I am a wellness expert and spiritual life coach with two decades of experience and 55 certifications! I made my way to healing from several rare diseases and it has given me a whole new perspective on health and wellness beyond my trainings.

I always meet my client based on where you are at with your journey giving you a safe place to be listened to and nurtured. I guide you to gradually make small changes in your routine that help make a significant improvement in your quality of life and peace of mind.

Let the healing begin!

Check out my book, 10-Minute Stretching

Fit stretching exercises into your day with easy 10-minute routines

Discover how easy it is to improve your flexibility, reduce pain, and eliminate stress with just a few minutes of stretching every day. This illustrated guide provides you with essential stretches and simple routines for increasing your range of motion, supplementing physical therapy, and more.

Available on Amazon and in stores.

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Our bodies slowly get tighter with age and stretching becomes an important habit if you want to have an excellent quality of life.

If you don't stretch your body will eventually limit you from reaching your toes, clipping your nails, tying your shoes, bending over with ease, getting up and down from the floor, and even laying your head down flat.

Even if you have any of these issues, it is not too late! You can always improve your flexibility and begin to move with ease again.

This online course will help you get started with a new stretching routine that targets the most common problem areas.

It offers a 10-day video course you can continue to use as long as you would like! It also helps you learn how to create your own routines and continue your stretching habit.

Are you ready to go from feeling stressed and tight to loose and right?!


Have you been feeling a little stiff lately?

I have a FREE program just for you!

Group Coaching Program

Check out The Wellness Club. This is my online group coaching program to help you become healthy in mind, body, and spirit. We address every aspect of the wellness wheel: physical health, spiritual health, emotional health, relationship health, financial health, occupational health, environmental health, and healing the past. New session starts Janaury 2022.

The Wellness Club

The Best Deal!

The Wellness Library is an online portal that has a wide variety of resources and videos to use at your own convenience for only $9.49 per month. I want to give you all the tools you need to help you feel your best!

Each month you will get a new recipe book, workout plan, stretching routine, and a healthy habit to focus on for the month. You will find a full library of online courses, workouts, stretching routines, foam rolling, EFT, webinars, recipe books, and more.

The Wellness Library

DNA Based Coaching

DNA testing can give us over 500 reports that can tell us about our health, the potential diseases we may get, the diet we will thrive on, the vitamins we need, and more. This gives me the ability to create highly customized wellness plans that will help you get faster results and keep you healthy for the long term.

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Are you ready to feel better in 28 days?

Strengthen & Stretch will help you get into a routine with a minimal time commitment. Learn proper form when you exercise, stretching routines to increase your flexibility, and foam rolling routines to decrease your aches and pains!

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